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The Expanse: "The Big Empty," 'Remember the Cant," and "CQB" (Season 1, Episodes 2-4)

Four episodes in this is a good show. (Confession: I watched episodes 3 and 4 online in advance). It's well written, decently paced, solidly acted and has some impressive special effects for cable TV. It's not only doing world building--it looks like it might have a world worth building.


The Expanse: "Dulcinea" (Season 1, Episode 1)

Wonder of wonders. SyFy has woken from the dead and is actually trying to be a science fiction channel again. Succeeding more than it fails, too, in tonight's premiere of The Expanse. The sci-fi feel is right, there's some legitimate world-building going on and enough decent visuals to triumph over the herky-jerky feel of cramming all that into an hour of television.


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