R2'sDay: A new book from Doctor Starr!

Doctor Charlie Starr, friend and contributor to the 'bot for many years, has a new (old) book out...  (Personally, I think that his name is a pretty spiffy S.F. name by itself).

I have a copy of the new book  (available at Amazon, here...) and I will be reviewing it, as soon as I relearn how to read.  In the meantime, here's a commercial!


Falling Skies: "Till Death Do We Part" (Season 4, Episode 9)


Not bad. This one was a little ridiculous in places, but had enough action, special effects and movement to make for a nicely watchable hour of television. Shakespeare it ain’t, but it held its narrative balance better than the more recent episodes. This is the best this show has been since the ghetto escape.


ORIGINAL SONG: "What Is It" by The Randy Mahatmas (2009)

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Hey, everyone! As many of you know, I've been grievously ill with ulcerative collitis for the past couple weeks. Hence this seemed like a good song to post. It's my old band, "The Randy Mahatmas." Probably not safe for work.

Lyrics, if you're interested

Is it a hair?Is it a bur?Is it an inuendo?I don't know.


Falling Skies: "A Thing with Feathers" (Season 4, Episode 8)


I had to look that title up. It comes from an Emily Dickinson poem, and it seems that hope is a thing with feathers. Okay.

We open with the remains of the 2nd Mass moving out into the debris at sunrise to look for survivors. You can see their breath fogging, and it sure looks there’s snow on the ground . That’s disorienting because when we see scenes in the nearby woods there certainly is no snow. Nonetheless we do get to see a Skitter get its skull bashed in by a rock as our heroes fan out. It makes a convincing crunch.



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