R2's Day- Of Golden Antennas and Vacuum Tubes

Kevin has been tearing up Facebook, arguing against the meme that you could put photovoltaic cells in an array in the Sahara and solve the world's energy woes.  It's patently false, by the way, just from a technological standpoint.



Falling Skies: "The Eye" (Season 4, Episode 2)


Two episodes down and I think we have enough data for a decision—the split storylines aren’t working out so well. I’m assuming the plan is to have them all converge, and maybe it will work then, but for right now it’s kind of tedious. As in, if we’re in the second scene after the third commercial break that means it must be… Lourdes? A little of that goes a long way.  Particularly when its Lourdes, as we’ll cover below.


RETROSPECULATIVE TV: The Six Million Dollar Man: “Wine, Women and War” (Second Pilot Movie)

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I recently learned that the word “Godawful” is actually very rude. It’s actually Victorian slang for “God damn awful.” I’ve been saying a horrible thing without realizing it since I was a little kid. I’ll have to stop using that word, or be very judicious with it from here on out.

With that in mind: This is a Godawful movie.


Con Report: Sci Fi Valley Con, Altoona, PA 2014

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If you've never been to a science fiction convention, you really should make a point to attend at least one, because they're often a whole lot of fun.  Part craft bazaar, part costume party, the best are well-run and full of interesting things to see and do.  And part of the fun is the spirit of camaraderie that develops when a few hundred weirdos get together to pretend they're someone (or something) they're not.



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