Falling Skies: "Mind Wars" (Season 4, Episode 5)


Marking Time.

That's the plan this week. They've got twelve episodes to film and less than twelve episodes of story to fill them with, so we get an occasional episode like this. Tom is kidnapped by two characters who will most certainly be dead by the end of the episode, and not all that much happens in Chinatown, either.    


Why is SF always set in the future, and not in the past or an alternate present?

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My buddy MOATMAI gave me a copy of "The Black Cloud" by world-famous astronomer Fred Hoyle, published in 1957. It's a hard-science SF novel about our solar system moving into a nebula, basically. It's set in the then-future year of 1964. I think it was written at least partially in reaction to George Pal's incredibly soft SF movie, "When Worlds Collide," from 1954. This, in turn, was based on a spectacularly soft SF novel by the same name from the late 1930s.



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