Breaking News: BBC Recovers "Lost" Doctor Who Episodes

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Late last week, rumors surfaced that about a hundred "lost" Doctor Who episodes had been found in Ethiopia, of all places. A number of people dismissed this as being on par with other African scams, such as "Send us your PIN number and we'll send you the tapes of the TV shows."


Film Review: Gravity

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A friend and I went to see Gravity on Sunday evening. We both enjoyed it. I got exactly what I expected of it, and more. This is a great man-versus-nature (or lack thereof) sci-fi, with a few pause moments that allow a more thoughtful audience member to reflect on the basic fight-or-flight nature of mankind. It gives a pleasant, well-timed mixture of chair-gripping, heart-racing action and reflective pauses, and while there is a touch of gore, it is not caused by violence, but by the impersonal hand of nature.


Windows 8: Is it as bad as everyone says?

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I teach computer classes at a public library, mostly classes on Windows and Office, so I’m on the front line, so to speak, whenever Microsoft changes its operating system. Not to overgeneralize, but I’ve found over the years that many Windows users tend to be technically hesitant or conservative. When Windows changes, the complaining from these users is extensive. This attitude directly contrasts with the Apple community, which tends to be excited, and extol the new look and features of the new operating system or device.


Book Review: And Another Thing, by Eoin Colfer

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In the realms of science fiction and fantasy writing, there are no hard and fast rules, but one; Fan Fiction Is Bad.

Eoin Colfer's "Hitchhiker's Guide" sequel, "And Another Thing..." reads like fan fiction.

And not very good fan fiction, either.

Now, I have a soft spot for the original "HHGTTG" series, because it was how I met my husband, which is a rather long and convoluted story, which I will not get into here, but suffice it to say that "Hitchhiker" is rather like the "our song" that gets most people all wisty and nostalgic whenever they hear it.



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