Earthrise, from Apollo VIII

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Here's an absolutely gorgeous and moving video recreating the capturing of the iconic earthrise image taken by the astronauts aboard Apollo 8, 45 years ago.  According to the chatter recorded in the capsule, they very nearly didn't get the picture.  It was literally a lucky shot, and you can share in their excitement as they frantically fumble around for some color film for the camera as the capsule rotates above the lunar surface.


The Walking Dead: "Claimed" (Season 4, Episode11)

Another solid episode. As I noted last week, this show is at its best when its focus narrows to a few people trying to survive. The whole Walking Dead concept is geared for that. It’s what zombie stories are. So while the show’s creative staff don’t seem too have found consistent footing with extended story arcs, they’ve got the basics down cold. 



STAR TREK: Saying Goodbye to Kor, Koloth, and Kang (Part 1)

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Following the death of Michael Ansara last year, I re-watched his episode of Babylon 5, which I assumed was his final screen appearance. It turned out that, no, he did three subsequent Trek appearances, and once again stuff I’ve accepted without looking into it is dead wrong. It quickly turned out that one of these appearances involved other Klingons from TOS, and, intrigued, I decided to check ‘em all out.



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