EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “Pilot” (Episode 1)

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The latest entry in The CW network’s Angsty Teen High Concept Sweepstakes is “The 100.” Premise: 100 years after a nuclear war, the only survivors of humanity live in a space station called “The Ark.” As an attempt to find out if the earth is now viable for human habitation, they drop 100 impossibly attractive juvenile offenders on death row. The kids are expendable.

Well, at least there’s no vampires for a change.


Review: Arrow "Suicide Squad" S2E16

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Well, I had asked earlier if the John Diggle character would get some time in the limelight again, and it turns out he does. This week’s episode focuses on Diggle being recruited by his ex-wife’s agency “Advanced Research Group United Support” A.R.G.U.S (which came first, SHIELD or ARGUS?) to go after an Afghani WMD dealer that they had captured earlier when they were on active duty, with Ben Browder, “John Crichton” from Farscape and some time on some of the Star Gate series.


Living in interesting times...

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For the last several weeks life has been interesting…and I mean that purely in the sense of the famed (albeit unattributed) Chinese Curse – ‘May you live in interesting times’.

Work assignments have me working PHYSICALLY on both coasts each week while managing full daily schedule and responsibilities in several geographies. It is now physically impossible to participate in all of the live discussions that span my areas of accountability. To do so would now mean following the sun and foregoing any idea of leaving the desk.


Time Story Story Time: The Machines

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When one thinks of a time travel story, one usually assumes that some form of vehicle is used to transport the protagonists to and fro in time.  While the early examples of time travel usually involved a knock on the head or some other sort of loss of consciousness, modern stories are more reliant on devices.

Such devices can be small and portable, like a watch, or large and stationary, such as Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine.  They can even be huge, like a space ship, or even alive, like the telekinetic dragons of Pern.



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