Review: Futurescape, With James Woods

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The Science Channel has come up with a new futurist series called "Futurescape" with actor James Woods as the host. It has physicist Michio Kaku for "legitimizing" backup. It also is peppered with sound bites from various "futurists," "biophysics ethicists," and other such "experts."

To sum it up, it is another one of those paranoid drivel TV shows designed to scare you. The opening episode about advancing technology in the field of Brain/Machine Interfaces seems designed to drive up the price of stock in the Tinfoil Hat industry.


Doctor Who Anniversary Schedule

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It's a busy day today, but I wanted to post this BBC America schedule of shows tying into the 50th anniversary celebration for Doctor Who. There are specials and marathons all this week, leading up to the global simulcast of "Day of the Doctor" on November 23d.


Don't Panic! Just Look It Up!

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The other day, I made a comment about how Wikipedia is like a real-life version of "The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy," in that it is created by a horde of contributors, the information is hopefully mostly true, and it can sometimes get opinionated, just like the eponymous book in the Douglas Adams series. "They ought to put the words 'Don't Panic' on the main page," we joked.

Well, as it always happens, somebody beat me to the idea--there's already a Web site trying to recreate the HHGTTG in an encyclopedia format.



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