Bad Movie Review: Pajama Party (1964)

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Going on the assumption that if a movie has a Martian in it, it's science fiction, I'm going to give a review of a mind-blowingly dumb Frankie and Annette beach party film from 1964, "Pajama Party." It's so stupid, it's hilarious, in ways that films are no longer allowed to be hilarious. And it's got Elsa Lanchester (The Bride of Frankenstein) Don Rickels (father of the snarky comment) and Buster Keaton (Old Stone Face) playing rather prominent comedic roles.


R2's Day- JL8

I know we have a virtual army of cartoonists here in our community (and in this, I include myself- though I've not seriously cartooned in a few years)... but sometimes you see something that both humbles and inspires you.

Yale Stewart's JL8 is a great comic.  It has humor and heart in just about the right proportions.  He's taken DC superheroes and put them all in third grade, while keeping them pretty much in character.  In fact, he may have a better grip on the characters than DC does currently.



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