The LEGO Movie


Where to begin? It’s got lots of LEGO and a dizzying array of jokes, some of which work and some of which don’t. It’s also got something kind of special these days—a mind. The LEGO Movie, of all things, has something to say. Something that even makes it science fiction of a sort (think a colorful, cute Matrix).  


R2’s Day: On Reviews

From nearly day one here on the ‘bot, we’ve reviewed stuff.  I mean stuff.  Lots of stuff- T.V. Shows, Movies, Video Games,  Board Games, Fan Films, Books, Toys…  we’ve watched/played/read things so that you, our loyal readers,  could make informed decisions or, in some cases,  incite discussion.


It’s not easy.



The Walking Dead: "After" (Season 4, Episode 9)

AMC’s hit zombie show is back from its holiday vacation, and the verdict is Not Bad.


Good, actually. There was even humor. This show has trouble with story arcs, but it’s got real visual flair and knows how to deliver on individual episodes. Perhaps I’m overly appreciative after watching Helix, but then… For God’s sake, people, I’ve been watching Helix!  



STAR TREK: Visiting An Old Friend For The First Time In Decades And Discovering It's Still Realy Boring...

Kevin Long's picture

I thought it might interest you to know, dear readers, that in the last year or so, I've watched a half dozen or so Trek episodes, including a couple I'd never seen before, as they aired after I gave up on the franchise.

"Gave up the franchise?" You ask.
"You must be new here," I reply.
"But how can you choose not to watch Star Trek? It's Star Trek! It's Awsome! It's..."
"Yeah, ok, run along now, sonny. The grown ups are talking, ok?"


Helix: "Aniqatiga"

This week’s line: “There are no mistakes, only missed opportunities.” Yep.


This show reminds me of Caprica at this point. It’s just so diffuse. There’s a difference between a coherent mystery that goes murky around the edges and a collection of mysteries (a new one every episode) that don’t really seem to relate. You can pretend they relate because they’re all in the same show, but at some point the audience stops buying it.




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