Helix: "The White Room" (Season 1, Episode 5)

“Warm, gooey chocolate brownies.” It’s a medical treatment, didn’t you know?


The other memorable line from tonight’s episode came from a SyFy commercial for the show: “WTF is happening on Helix?” For a show with this kind of attention deficit disorder, that’s probably a line best avoided.



Lovecraft - A Pillar of Modern Science Fiction

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He wouldn’t have known it when he died in 1937, but Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft is undoubtedly one of the major influences on what we consider modern science fiction. When he broke onto the writing scene – he did it in Weird Tales magazine in October 1923 with a short, modern horror-fantasy story he titled ‘Dagon’, but he would later pen a number of tales that set into motion many of the darker visions we have in Science Fiction today.


Time Story Story Time: The Great Time Machine Hoax

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"Time is what keeps everything from happening at once."

I'll admit it--I like time travel stories, especially well-constructed ones.  And since R4 has asked me to help fill out the Wednesday slot with articles, I'm going to be reviewing some of my favorite time-travel stories.


R2's Day: Capaldi's new duds

If you haven't seen the sartorial splendour that seems to have rent the very essence of the internet in twain, then avert your eyes.   I will reveal for you the long (well, not so long, really) awaited (really, we were waiting for this?) 12th (???) Doctor's Ensemble....



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