R2'sDay:(Doctor) Who was the Curator?

Okay, this is esoteric, speculative and geeky. It's also borderline fanfic (something I really try to avoid).

Since there's a possibility that one or two of you haven't seen "The Day of the Doctor", I'm going to engage the Spoiler Countdown ™ , pat. pending, your mileage may vary wildly.




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Baker, C....


Baker, T....






Original Fiction: The Weather-Witch

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It hadn't snowed in Upper Farningham for as long as the oldest grandmother could remember; and the reason for this, so they said, was because there was a weather-witch up in the hills who was so mean and so nasty that she wouldn't let it snow, not even on Christmas Eve.


SONG OF THE WEEK: Snoopy's Christmas

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Because I am way too tired, and way too hopped up on homemade cookies and eggnog, and feeling unbelievably silly, I want to share with you a song that my brother and I played when we were kids, until our dad threatened to convert the family to Judaism.

Merry Christmas, mein freund!


Re-Imagination Fever: The Tomorrow People

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When I was 15 or so, there was a British TV show appearing on Nickelodeon called "The Tomorrow People."
Not a great show, but I was starved for Science Fiction at the time.

The basic premise is that a group of young teenagers are the first group of people who have evolved into the next stage of human evolution: Homo Superior. "But, we don't like to call ourselves that so we call ourselves 'The Tomorrow People."

They had telepathy, and could teleport and, occasionally, with great effort could use telekenisis.


FAN FILM FRIDAY: An Interview With Michael Cox

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A couple of weeks back, I ran "Star Wars Downunder" as a Fan Film friday offering. Well, instead of a new film, I have the pleasure of presenting to you an interview we 'bots conducted with that film's creator, Michael Cox. We are much obliged to him for taking the time from his busy schedule to reply to some questions we put to him about how he made the film.



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