PSA: Zombies hate fast food....

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Here’s the scene – a virus, nuclear fallout, latent genetic deficiencies or who knows what has finally brought about the big ZA. Zeta Alpha. Zombie Apocalypse. The streets are teeming with the hungry bastards. They roam in packs, hunt singly with uncanny speed, or just lurk in shadows to pop out and scare the crap out of you before turning you into a tasty snack. Life is a living hell. You are constantly moving and have to scavenge just to eke out a meager existence. Eventually, of course, your jeep/doomsday RV/minigun enabled Interceptor runs out of gas and you have to fight. Despite the obvious limitations, conventional wisdom is to slug it out – using guns, axes, swords, machetes, pitchforks and other pointy bits. Question is...


EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “His Sister’s Keeper” (Episode 6)

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Ok, while we’re waiting to get to the review portion of this show, let’s talk about ratings.

This show has no buzz. No one’s excited about it. No one’s saying, “Oh my gosh, could you believe Montana and Dakota would do that to Carolina on their wedding day?” No one’s looking forward to it. Chatting about online as I do, there’s just no buzz.




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