FAN FILM FRIDAY: Back to the Future/Star Wars Mashup

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Okay, so this one goes on a little long for the gag, and what you expect to happen...doesn' still made me laugh, and that's my main criteria for these things.  Plus the effects are pretty good.


EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “Earth Skills” (Episode 2)

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Sorry for the delay in reviewing this. I’ve had 3 doctors appointments in 2 days.

Anyway: We pick up exactly where we left off last week, with Jasper being run through with a spear, and the rest of team Clarke hauling ass away. Despite being clearly dead last week, Jasper isn’t dead this week, and they hear him scream. Rather than going to get him, they head back to the landing site for reinforcements (Probably a good move)



Becoming a Cyborg...

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Over the last year it seems my hearing has deteriorated. Not in the sense that I can not hear at all, but more at not being able to hear quieter sounds or distinguishing specific sounds among others or zeroing in on certain sounds when there is background noise. 

I got it checked TODAY. Why? Well mainly because it could mean that I get a cool new tech gizmo to mess with and officially begin the conversion of weak flesh into glorious machine!


Review: The Star Wars, by Dark Horse Comics

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When I heard that Dark Horse was coming out with a comic book adaptation of George Lucas' original draft of what became Star Wars, I was really excited.  I had been speculating about what was Lucas' original intent for years, and now we were about to find out.

It was with a sense of reverence that I obtained the first installment and read it.  The art was breathtaking.  But the story...well, I told myself, they're just setting things up.  Surely it will get better.


R2’s Day: Macroevolution and you.

I am not an ID-eologue.   I am skeptical of efforts to scient-ize creation; however I cannot get over the problems with macroevolution.


I’m not alone.


Dr. James M. Tour, PhD- expert in molecular chemistry, computer science and a few other disciplines (From the summary version of his resume:



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