On the Edge of Tomorrow...

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For whatever reason, I went on a movie watching binge this past week. One of them was Edge of Tomorrow. I went into the theater with no inclinations other than it was a time travel movie (which I like, in general) and there were combat suits like the ones DARPA is testing…and we’d get to see how they work out.

I was pleasantly surprised at the movie.


It Figures (Real Science Dept.)

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Well, apparently it's not bad enough to be descended from apes, or even tree shrews.  Scientists have recently found a 500 million year old fossilized jawless fish that may be the ancestor of all vertebrates.  It figures we'd be descended from bottom-feeders.



EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “We Are Grounders, Part 2” (Season Finale)

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Ok, let’s get the gonzo journalist crap out of the way first: I have just finished reviewing two concurrent series. This one, and “Cosmos II: Armed and Fabulous.” Cosmos, obviously, I was disappointed by. This show I rather surprisingly enjoyed, though I wouldn’t care if it got cancelled tomorrow, or six weeks ago. Enjoyed, not loved.



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