Real Science: Can We Survive On Mars?

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One thing that people seem to be overlooking, when they imagine humanity terraforming another planet, is that the operative word is "Terra." We developed adapted to the organic and chemical composition of Earth. Our guts need microflora found only on our own planet.

So how are we going to survive on another planet?


FALLING SKIES: "On Thin Ice" (Season Three, Episode 1) & "Collateral Damage (Season Three, Episode 2)

Well, that wasn’t so good was it? The whole thing felt drab and derivative, like they were trying to pack in as many clichés as they could into two hours. And they certainly packed those suckers, freely borrowing from superior sources. It didn’t have any of the energy the second season premier managed.


Worst Eco-Friendly Films of All Time

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How could a list of "Worst Earth Day Messages In Movies, Ever" fail to include "Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster?"

I know I shouldn't be picking up scraps from the competition, but this article's too good to pass on. Besides, I'm not quite finished with my review of John Scalzi's "Redshirts" yet.


Tour The Universe

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For a lot of people, the big attraction of science fiction is the concept of being able to travel to distant worlds and meet new and exotic alien life forms.

Well, just like the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, so the best time to plan for the future, is now. To that end, a group calling itself Icarus Interstellar is hosting a Starship Congress this August in Dallas, Texas, hoping to get the ball rolling on the necessary technologies to make interstellar travel possible.



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