The Natural Selection Song

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R4's struggles to talk sensibly about genetic engineering got me to thinking about how a lot of genetic manipulation is really just trying to take a shortcut to achieve what years, if not centuries, of patient and careful cross-breeding can achieve.

Okay, so you can't really cross a rabbit with a jellyfish in order to get green glowy bunnies, but I see nothing wrong with trying to improve a species by picking some desirable attribute to accentuate. After all, Nature's been doing it since Day One.


Movie Review: An Adventure in Time and Space (2013)

As part of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, The BBC commissioned a biopic of sorts of William Hartnell the first Doctor. Written by Mark Gatiss, this made-for-TV movie purports to tell the first days of the seminal BBC children's show. (well, it started out as a children show.)


The Walking Dead: "Dead Weight" (Season 4, Episode 7)

Well, that was pointless, now wasn’t it?

The Governor goes from psychopath to sad loser surrounded by lazy walkers to family man and back to psychopath, all in the span of 1.25 episodes. Why? I guess because there were two episodes to kill. Maybe next week’s slam-bang action will give me second thoughts, but at this point I’m seriously unimpressed with the whole Governor arc. And yes, that retroactively extends all the way back to the third season.

It’s dead weight.


On Storywriting

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While watching some of the Dr. Who promotionals yesterday, there was one quote that really stood out as insightful to me.

Dr. 5, who's name oddly escapes me at this second was quoting Douglas Adams, who was the story editor for Dr. Who long ago.

"The story has to be simple enough for the adults, but complicated enough to keep the children interested."


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