Droid Tales: This Is The Sequel You've Been Looking For

Mama Fisi
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I just watched  "Star Wars: Droid Tales" and oh, my God, this is a gift to all of us Original Star Wars fans who couln't understand the prequels!


Starting the night of the destruction of the second Death Star, this Lego-ized version has C-3P0 telling the story of the prequels in a comically truncated form to Han, Luke, Leia, and a group of X-wing pilots in the Ewok village. C-3P0 starts off using Artoo like a shop vac to clean up after the party, so that sets the tone.

Han wakes up from a pile of trash and gasps, "What? Darth Vader is Luke's FATHER?!" "Everybody knows that--found out about it weeks ago," shrugs Threepio. "Well--I was frozen in carbonite, so sue me!" Han sneers grumpily.

When Threepio tries to talk about the romantic wedding of Amidala and Anakin, the Rebels hiss and boo. Threepio appeals to Leia, "Surely, Princess, you'd want to hear about your parents' wedding?" "CLONE WARS! CLONE WARS!" Leia chants, taken up by the other rebels.

When Quai Gon is telling young Anakin--whose head can rotate between Nice Kid and Scary Demon Seed--that he senses something special in him, Watto, in the background, is loudly hawking "RED FLAGS! GET CHER RED FLAGS HERE!" Later, when Amidala tells the young boy "I hope we'll be seeing a lot of each other," Watto is hawking "WARNING SIGNS! CAN'T WARN OF IMPENDING DANGER WITHOUT YOUR WARNING SIGNS!!"

This show is loopy and fun in the way the Star Wars franchise should have been. Characters openly question confusing plot points. Jar Jar Binks gets blasted into space--twice. One of the pod racers is called "Ship That Blows Apart At The Starting Line." The signboard for the battledroid factory resembles a the silhouette for "Charlie's Angels," only using battledroids.

In a nutshell, "Droid Tales" excoriates the prequels.

I'm so very glad Lucasfilm got sold to Disney.

I'm not sure if George Lucas still is so happy about it, though.