FAN WANKERY: A Galactica 1980 Reboot

Randall Anthony Schanze
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Ok, so here's a fun one that no one ever talks about:

Galactica 1980 sucked worse than anything that had ever sucked before. No question about it. So let's imagine we're going to reboot it in a way that *doesn't* suck.  How would you go about it?

Here's the original Glen Larson concept  for G-80which, needless to say, didn't make it onscreen:

The Galactica finds earth. It's 5 years after the final episode of the original show. They quickly realize that earth is too primitive to defend itself against the Cylons, so the Council of the 12 debate what to do.

President Baltar (Yeah, he's president of the council! No explanation as to how) is in favor of using their experimental new time travel technology to go into the past and speed up earth's development so it'll be more than a match for the Cylons when they arrive. The council votes him down, and the fleet decides just to had off into space. Baltar steals a prototype Time Travel Viper and heads into the past. Apollo and Starbuck and Jamie (An earthling woman who can brief them on history n'stuff) give chase. 

The whole series would have relvolved around Baltar changing stuff in the past, and Our Heroic Trio attempting to set it right, presumably with Starbuck spending a lot of time zipping back and forth between future and past, giving messages. If this sounds familiar, it's because the core of the concept was recycled as Quantum Leap a few years later.  The principle cast would have been Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, John Colicos, and Robyn Douglas (As Jaime). Obviously that's not what made it on the air. 

So it had some potential. Not great, but it wasn't damn "Space Scouts playing Spaceball" crap, either. 

How would you reboot it?