Thunderbirds Are Go...Again

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Well, it looks like WETA Workshops has had a hand in rebooting the old Thunderbirds television series, some 50 years after the original aired.  There have been a few abortive attempts to remake Gerry Anderson's most successful puppetshow, some creepier than others, but this one captures the meticulous look of the original, while using CGI to update the characters so they retain the spirit of the originals while having better proprtions and movements.

The series has started airing in the UK.  There are a few changes--patriarch Jeff Tracy is missing and presumed dead, nd Tin-Tin is now named Kayo and is in charge of security, with her own awesome aircraft.  David Graham, who voiced ex-con butler Nosy Parker in the original series, is back to do Parker again.  Sylvia Anderson will do a cameo as Lady Penelope's aunt.

The sets are built with models, which was always what impressed me most with the original series.

No word on when or if the series will be broadcast in the US.