Star Wars Rebels: Path of the Jedi

Mama Fisi
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After a long holiday break, the show returns with the best episode yet.

Kanan is struggling to train Ezra, and decides to take the lad to a Jedi temple--only he requires Ezra to find it himself, using only the Force to guide him.  As it happens, there is a temple hidden in a mountain right there on Lothal (handy...) and Ezra listens to the stones and says they will only open for him and Kanan working together as master and padewan.

Once inside, Kanan remains in the entrance hall among the mummified corpses of masters whose padewans never returned, while Ezra goes deeper inside the Temple to face his fears, among which are the death of Kanan at the hands of the Inquisitor, and the realization that his friends aboard the Ghost don't really care for him at all.  Once he decides that these visions are only illusions, he finds the courage to stand up to the Inquisitor, whose lightsabre passes harmlessly through Ezra's body.

Then Ezra is addressed by the voice of Yoda, who leads him deeper into the temple, asking him questions meant to reveal Ezra's true desires about becoming a Jedi, and after receiving favorable responses, reveals to him a kyber crystal, so that the boy can make himself his own lightsabre. Meanwhile, the voice also speaks to Kanan, who confesses his uncertainty over his ability to properly train Ezra, and promises to keep him from losing his way, as Kanan himself had done years earlier.

The show concludes with Ezra demonstrating the "lightsabre" he built out of spare parts found lying around in the Ghost.  (Unfortunately, it looks like an industrial staple gun rather than a sword.  Rather clumsy to use, IMHO.)

The one complaint I have with this episode is that the narrative seemed very rushed.  They had a lot of story to pack into twenty minutes, and they managed it--better than Lucasfilm did with Luke's desultory training sessions on Dagobah--but a few more silent pauses for increased dramatic effect would have been welcome.  The episode deserved to be a two-parter, considering how pivotal it is to the growth of Ezra's character.  He ought to have had to *think* about some of the things he was being asked to do, rather than to deduce them so effortlessly.

But still, it's an excellent segment, and really good science fiction, as well as a faithful addition to the Star Wars story.