ORIGINAL SONG: "What Is It" by The Randy Mahatmas (2009)

Kevin Long
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Hey, everyone! As many of you know, I've been grievously ill with ulcerative collitis for the past couple weeks. Hence this seemed like a good song to post. It's my old band, "The Randy Mahatmas." Probably not safe for work.

Lyrics, if you're interested

Is it a hair?Is it a bur?Is it an inuendo?I don't know.

Is it a big fish?Is it a small garden gnome?Is it a metaphor?I don't know.

What (What?) What (What?)'sUp your ass? What is itUp (Up?) up (Up?)Up your ass?

Is it a stick?Is it a brick?Is it an eskimo?I don't know.

Is it a woodland creature?Is it a train wreck?Is it your own head?I don't know

What (What) What (What)'sUp your ass. What is itUp (up) Up (up)Up your ass?

Is it a pewter replica of a medieval village complete with a scale model of a gothic catheral including load-bearing flying buttresses which open up internal floor space considerably, but probably really hurt when administered rectally?

I don't know.

What (What?) what (What?)s'up your ass? What is itup (Up!) up (up!)Up your ass?

I don't know. I just don't know.

Copyright 2008, Kevin Long.

This is "The Randy Mahatmas," playing this song live in 2008 or '09 or '10. I don't remember honestly. Fun song to play. That's me on vocals, of coruse. The late Mark Musser on bass and backing vocals. The late George Braiman on guitar. Gracie on drums.

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