10 Years in the Making: Starship Exeter

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"The Tressaurian Intersection" is Finally Done!

When we went to the con in Altoona, we met up with one of the folks who worked on "Starship Farragut".  I helped them years ago with some artwork for their Animated Episode.  He said that they had had problems with updating their website for a long time, but have now been able to update on a much more regular basis.

Out of curiosity, I asked if he knew anything of "Starship Exeter" and he told me they had finally just finished their episode using Starship Farragut's sets.  Apparently, they had missed filming some key scenes before they wrapped 10 years ago, and couldn't finish their episode.  Now, thanks to the Starship Farragut crew, they'd filmed the scences, finished the effects shots and got their music all done.

A hearty well done to Both Crews!



The Farragut crew work in DC, but their sets are down in Georgia.  They also help support Star Trek Continues.