FAN FILM FRIDAY: The Ultimate Fan Film Compilation

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I've often wondered what motivates people to create "fan films."  There's no money in it, and many of them are abysmally bad due to low budgets, lousy actors, or a complete and total lack of anything remotely resembling talent.  I've seen fan films run the gamut from stuff that looked almost professional quality, to things best filed under the heading "Friends don't let friends run around with cameras and post to YouTube while stoned." 

And then there are the fan films that are five minutes long, four and a half of which are taken up by credits that read "A film by John Doe...written by John Doe...directed by John Doe...starring John by John Doe...edited by John Doe..."

Here's a compilation video of fan film clips which run the gamut from Batman and Harry Potter to Lara Croft and The Last Airbender.  See how many films you can identify!