Science Fiction for the Rest of Us

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Answering the request from Kevin Long that he made here: <a href="">Would You Like To Write For Republibot?</a> and addressing the concern that SF is "too Liberal," as claimed here:  <a href="">SF Is Full Of Liberal Hypocrites</a> , I shall write a sometime review of new SF and a little Fantasy that is interesting and rational. was founded on the idea that most other SF fan sites were overrun by liberals and also on the notion that conservatives could broaden their horizons by reading and watching SF. A noble gesture, because my experience with conservatives is that they could benefit from broader horizons. This doesn't mean that all SF is equally good or that the underlying messages of the writers are equally valid. 

My proposition,  should R4 choose to accept it, is to take the initiative and seek out and draw attention to new SF and Fantasy that meets my ideas of what is interesting and rational. Be warned,  dear readers, that my political outlook is neither conservative nor liberal,  but based on the axiom that all human beings are equally valuable and deserving of respect until they prove otherwise by their actions.