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My last few posts have been about looking at future technologies and the impacts that technology might have on society and the way we, as individuals, do and experience our lives. I ran across the interesting clip below and thought I’d share it here. It seems particularly relevant to this board and our discussions. Not only because it is probably one of the last interviews of an icon of Science, but because it speaks specifically to the root of what allows us to know Science Fiction from Fantasy. The given in Science Fiction is that what happens in the story *COULD* be possible based on what we know, understand and can reasonably conclude through science. Fantasy is not limited or bound by that rule and can include the wildest flights of imagination. Knowing the difference requires education and critical thinking skill.

Not having the ability to distinguish between what *COULD* reasonably be possible and what is just an imaginary fancy leaves one exposed to all manner of predatory influence. These unfortunates become prey to every sort of con from quack science to upstart charities and causes that ask for money to do that which is merely wishful…vs probable… or even possible. Unfortunately, the decline of education…or even broad interest in science …has reduced the number of people equipped to deal with the future. Instead, we increased belief in things mystical and supernormal. Just a quick look at the headlines shows that a good bit of what passes for news is either hyper sensationalized fearmongering about disease, medical treatment, urban violence, sinister political maneuvers or some form of conflict between groups of people who disagree about who has the best imaginary friend-in-the-sky.

The only reason that we'd commonly see such things is if they generated a desired response (whether it be hits, views, clicks, likes, purchases, votes or whatever else). Why would such vapid and truly non-news nonsense be an expression of what we, as a society call newsworthy? Why, in a free market where demand drives product, would such a thing be allowed to continue? Could it be that, in this time and place, most of the population lacks the ability discriminate the difference between probable vs parable or fiction vs fantasy?

With these questions in mind, enjoy the clip -