Eye based augmetic enhancements

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I was reading one of my guilty pleasures recently…a book from Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn/Ravenor series and I realized how much I really enjoy a book that can take you to another time and place. (Abnett’s work, in this case, places the reader farther than most – a dystopian future some 39,000 years into the future of humanity and many, many light years from Earth.)   I also realized that not being able to read would bum me out a great deal.

Where I was pretty positive, if not outright upbeat, about getting augmentic correction for hearing loss, I don’t think I’d much care for losing my eye sight.

I’ve read that there are all sorts of new technologies coming out that would afford a number of enhancements to vision. There sensors that stimulate the brain electronically to create image maps and there are digital cameras wired directly to the brain. Then there are the contacts. Contacts that do things like change color when your blood sugar is out of whack. Contacts that have LEDs in them. Contacts with electronics that enable HUD applications. All sorts of straight-out-of-Night City-type tech.

Not sure I could do it though. Not at all. I’m pretty sure it would make me nuts. JMT doesn’t joke when it comes to eyes. (It typically takes something like two or more grown men to completely incapacitate me in order to get eye drops into my eyes. Not sure what it would take to coax a contact into my eye!)

Edify yourself here – very interesting topic. We truly are in an age of fantastic technology that really does seem more fiction than science….