Venus Rises, An Original SF Web Series

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A couple of years ago, Republibot 3 interviewed Joseph Negra, one of the actors in an original web TV series titled Venus Rises.  Created by Jason G. Birdsall, the series tells the story about a mining colony orbiting Venus that rebels against their upper-class masters who have colonized Mars after a series of cataclysmic events had left the Earth uninhabitable. 

With zero budget but a lot of love and determination, the series has finally become a reality.

The link to the interview with Joseph Negra can be found here:

An excerpt from that interview describes the plot of the series thusly:

"Earth suffered a series of cataclysmic events including tectonic plate shifting, mantle pluming and depolarization of Earth’s magnetic field displacing civilizations and forcing governments to cut deals with the largest pharmaceutical, financial, industrial and technological corporations who have merged to institute a global monopoly. The “space race” is financed by the rich and the ultimate goal is to colonize Mars due to its stable crust. Mars is now colonized on the surface while working class colonies orbit Venus to mine the planet. For decades we are told Earth is uninhabitable and all that is left is the destitute who couldn’t make the trip that are either dead or have devolved from lack of food, toxicity, disease, etc… The Venusian social class is expected to work hard for the greater good of civilization and standards set by Mars via Megacorps and the Mars Defense Directorate. But Venus is tiring of servitude and “The Outcry has Begun!”

There are, of course, scads of fan films and indie SF films on the Web, but very few of them are based on an original concept.  "Venus Rises" also has a companion comic book.

We congratulate the cast and crew, and wish them every success in their labor of love.