R2’s Day: On Reviews

Republibot 2.0

From nearly day one here on the ‘bot, we’ve reviewed stuff.  I mean stuff.  Lots of stuff- T.V. Shows, Movies, Video Games,  Board Games, Fan Films, Books, Toys…  we’ve watched/played/read things so that you, our loyal readers,  could make informed decisions or, in some cases,  incite discussion.


It’s not easy.


Back in the early days,  Kevin and I would watch LOST or Kings or Galactica and try to get a review up on the site before anyone else.  (In the case of LOST, we would have two reviews up on each episode, sometimes before the episode aired on the left coast). And then I discovered something- well, rediscovered, really.  Back when I was an executive for a TV Network,  I had a hard time watching movies or TV, mainly because I couldn’t turn off the cash register in my head.    I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how much a particular shot cost, or a set, or a sign…  It was very difficult keeping my brain out of ‘work mode’.  It took me years to be able to enjoy TV and movies again.


Writers make both the best and the worst critics for the same reason- we know what goes into the sausage. 


And yes, I’m still procrastinating reviewing the Doctor Who Christmas Special…


You may speculate as to why below. Or talk about criticism in general.