R2's Day: Capaldi's new duds

Republibot 2.0

If you haven't seen the sartorial splendour that seems to have rent the very essence of the internet in twain, then avert your eyes.   I will reveal for you the long (well, not so long, really) awaited (really, we were waiting for this?) 12th (???) Doctor's Ensemble....12th Doctor Capaldi costume


Okay, all snark aside--- I like it a lot.   I think it has the streamlined look of later Smith with the flair of Pertwee.  It almost has a Hammer Horror vibe- which might be the path that Moffat has charted for this particular Doctor.I'm gonna open this one up for a bit more discussion.   What to you makes a good Doctor wardrobe?  Should it reflect the personality of that particular Doctor, or should it serve the story more?  The longer serving Doctors have had costumes that gradually became darker and more formal as time went on (look at Tom Baker and Matt Smith... and the prospective costume change that Colin Baker would've gotten (had he survived...) Let's talk about the Doctor's new clothes- and our favorite outfits from Doctor's (and companions!) past.To get you started- Romana II's "Pink Doctor" outfit.... good idea or no?