Who Owns The TARDIS?

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In a lawsuit which threatens to overshadow the 50th anniversary of Britain's long-running science-fiction series, Doctor Who, the son of the man who wrote the first episode, "An Unearthly Child," is suing the BBC for breach of copyright, since they have not given his father credit for having invented the iconic, time-travelling blue police box.


Stef Coburn claims that after the death of his father, Tony, the copyright passed to Tony's widow, who has since passed it on to Stef. Stef is angered that no mention of his father's contribution to the series was made in the special show detailing the origins of the series, and he wants either adequate compensation for the BBC's use of the TARDIS, or for them to stop using it entirely.

And this, after the BBC successfully won a lawsuit brought by the Metropolitan Police, who claimed *they* owned the copyright on blue police call boxes...