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Ok, so it's the end of May now, and I've been doing this hired-gun thing for nearly half a year.

As you'll recall, I didn't much like having to write EVERYTHING on this website, which was crazy amounts of work, but picking up one day a week isn't really all that hard. It's only 52 articles a year. Conversely, on my own personal website ( Http://www.kevin-long.com ) I'm cranking out 261 articles a year. I used to do that many here, too, *AND* review episodes of TV shows, too. So compared to that nightmare, I can definitely handle 52 without even really breaking much of a sweat.

How about you? Can you do it? Probably you can. It's not that hard. Here's how it works:

You write a bunch of articles. I tend to do 13 in a batch, but, you know, more, less, whatever. Then you schedule them so that one runs every tuesday or wednesday or whatever. It's pretty easy. I mean, hell, I just used the names of two days of the week without capitializing them, and I'm not even going back to clean it up. I don't even give a damn! That's just how easy it is!

You can talk about anything you want to talk about, provided you can talk about it regularly, and that it's at least tacitly tied to Science Fiction or Fantasy. Movie reviews, original fiction, TV reviews, spastic rants about Obamacare, video game reviews, cosplay fashion, all that is cool, and it's spectacularly easy to do, even if you're not hyperlexic like me, or an obsessive workaholic like Republibot 4.0.

Now: Why would you want to do this?

Well, for starters it's fun/easy/cool. Secondly, though Republibot is not drawing in the massive numbers it once did, it is still a well-known minor website with some name recognition. We're also well regarded. If you want to build your resume as a writer, or an online personality, or simply a bon vivant gadabout with an unusual hobby to brag to your friends about, this is that place. You could do a lot worse.

So several thousand people a week will read your words, and people will listen to you when you talk regardless of what you talk about. Think about it. You KNOW you can do this.

So do it! Contact Republibot 4.0 at Four@republibot.com

Kevin Long
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