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BE FOREWARNED: profanity below.

Presently I'm reading
1) "Back to the Moon" by Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson (Terrible)
2) "Stuff White People Like" by Christian Lander (Hillarious, but the kind of stuff that will be horribly dated in ten months and utterly un-funny in twenty. In thirty months it'll be in a box in the garage next to all those "Sniglets" books and "Max Headroom's Guide To Life")
3) "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlein. I can't overstate the impact this book had on me as a kid, but I haven't read it in 20 years. I think my tastes have changed, and definitely it's a bit smarmier than I remembered.

Just got off the phone with Harlan Ellison. There's that "City on the Edge of Forever" fan image that's been making the rounds. When R2 brought it to my attention, I printed up a copy and sent it to Harlan, just to make sure he was aware of it.

I first started reading Stanislaw Lem back in the 1980s because of something Harlan said in an essay, and I'm going through a foreign writer phase at the moment. I decided to ask him if he could recommended any good foreign writers available in translation.

He strongly suggested I check out Kobo Abe. Particularly, "The Woman in the Dunes," "The Ruined Man," and "Inter Ice Age 4." He says "The Woman in the Dunes" got made into a really good film as well, so I'll be checking that out.

He also recommended Jeffrey Ford's "The Shadow Year" and Gerald Kersh's entire body of work. Given the source, I'll probably start with Harlan's own anthology of Kersh stories, available here http://www.amazon.com/Nightshade-Damnations-Stories-Unspeakable-Bizarre/...

As we were saying goodbye, I said, "Oh, hey, Harlan?"
"Thinking of the 'City on the Edge of Forever' thing, you're aware of the Trek Fan Film that was a sequel to 'City on the Edge of Forever?'"
"Have you seen it?"
"Do you want me to send you a copy of it?"
"FUCK no!"
Big laughs all around.

I think I've given myself eyestrain from all the reading I've done this week. I really don't have a good reading spot anymore, and once you hit middle age your eyes stop forgiving you for crap like that.