What Ever Happened to “Venus Rises?”

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A few years ago it was announced that there was a new, original SF webseires called “Venus Rises” in production. Here’s the first clip that I ever saw of it:

What was intriguing about this to me was that it was unrelated to any other established SF franchise, and from what little information I could glean about it, it seemed to be using something similar to the Star Trek: The New Voyages/Phase 2 production model. The clips I saw from it were pretty impressive, and the whole thing seemed conceptually to be kind of trying to bridge the gap between fanfilms and actual broadcast series, which is, of course, a good thing to do.

The premise - as I understand it - is that in the not too distant future (Next Sunday, AD) Earth is run by a plutocracy that has colonized most of the rest of our solar system, and terraformed Venus and Mars. They then shipped off the poor and troublesome from earth to these two planets, and Earth now subsists on taxes, resources, and labor from her colonies, kinda’ like a bloated leech.

Predictably, eventually some people grow tired of this and revolt. Here’s a clip:

Intrigue, combat, cool looking space ships, and no aliens, time travel, prime directives, or associated Trekian bric-a-brac. Granted, the idea of an “American Revolution on The Moon/Mars/wherever” has been done a lot, but the reason it’s been done so much is that it’s a pretty solid foundation for a story. Acting looked better than Ok, the universe they were playing in looked well-thought-out, and there appeared to be a story arc. Here’s a tour of the sets:

I also really liked that it’s centered on Venus, which - to my mind anyway - is the most likely site for a colony for a whole bunch of reasons (Detailed here: http://www.republibot.com/content/mars-or-venus-which-better-home-humani... ), so it’s nice to see another planet get the love for a change, instead of that dead-end, under-achieving smug, self-satisfied planet Mars!

Anyway, the bottom line here is that I was interested in this project and really looking forward to checking it out, but it disappeared. The last I’d heard, they were shutting down production to recast and reshoot one character’s parts, and/or build some new sets. Then: Nothing. Their website merely has a placeholder saying “Venus Rises Will Return,” but that’s been up for like two years at this point, so I doubt it. I’ve attempted to contact people peripherally attached to the show, but no luck thus far.

Here’s a whole bunch of clips chainlinked together:

So the question is: Is Venus Rises still a going concern, or is it dead? Either way, what happened? How much of it was completed before the project went dark?

If anyone reading this knows anything about the project, please contact us! We’d love to know what was going on, where the series was going, what the status of it is, and so on. Really, pretty much we’d love to interview the producers about the rise and (apparent) fall of Venus Rises.