THIS USED TO BE THE FUTURE: "Von Braun's Space Shuttles - Disney Style!"

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Last week we talked about Von Braun's space shuttle obsession and our glorious dreams of a 1950s future in space. This week we'll look at some actual visualizations of that future, as seen by Disney studios.

Walt Disney used his "Disneyworld" series as an educational bully pulpit on occasion, having his studio put together films that he thought would entertain and inform. An avid and unrepentant futurian, Walt hoped that visualizing difficult concepts - like space ships - would help his '50s audience to understand things that were completely outside their area of understanding, and obviously he hoped these people would supprort this kind of stuff vigorously enough that Washington would listen and back it as well.

It didn't work - who's going to listen to a guy who's best friend is a talking mouse? I mean, it didn't work out so well for Willard, now did it? - but it still provided some neat stuff. Check out that crazy astrogation system!

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