TV REVIEW:Smallville:Infamous

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I've been scooped by someone who types much faster than I do! I think that "Burt Cottage" (If that IS his real name) is secretly an alien typist at the vanguard of a host of aliens with incredible clerical skills!

Clark decides to come out of the spandex closet and reveal himself (no, not THAT way) to the world, before hitting the reset button (or in this case, a Legion Time Travel ring) and making all the bad stuff go away.

For an episode with a built in reset button, this episode actually advanced Clark's journey considerably.

Clark feels all the adulation of Superman, but without a secret identity to shield him, finds his life pretty much totaled within 24 hours. From being accused of playing 'God', to the possibility of government experiments to being held responsible for the murder of Lex Luthor- Clark finds life stinks as a hero with no public ID.
After the dust settles, and Kent corrects some oversights- He and Chloe start discussing the idea of a secret identity.

Overall, an above average outing. Even though we know it'll be reset (Checkov's Flight Ring is on the mantle, figuratively speaking), it made Clark take a good look at how he's been going about things- and he actually took a big step towards becoming Superman.

I liked it.