TV Review:Batman:TBATB:Legends of the Dark Mite!

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Tonight, we get Ace the Bathound and Batmite- are the producers running out of characters in the DC Universe that Warners will actually let them use?

Let's find out!

Catman (yes, Catman), is trying to auction a tiger to the highest bidder... for food? Batman and a surprisiingly fierce Ace the Bat-Hound make short work of them..
Roll Credits!

Batman is breaking up a smalltime robbery when he hears narration- shrill narration. Mysteriously, thugs fight who'd rather give up and thugs and ninjas appear out of nowhere. Batman figures out that the situation is being manipulated fairly quickly and calls out his unseen foe.

Turns out it's Bat-Mite, Batman's biggest fan from the 5th dimension, with powers that appear magic. Superman gets a non-name check here, as Batman tries to avoid the imp.

Bat-Mite wants everybody to know that the subject of his fandom is the best hero. To this end, he decides to revamp his costume. What follows could only be interpreted as a commentary on Batman through the years, and the tendency of fans to assume ownership of a character.


After the commercial, the Calendar King (an amped up version of the Calendar Man) calls forth Easter Bunnies... causing Bat-Mite to invoke a fanboy convention. Batman then bribes Bat-Mite into going home... he thinks. After everything goes back to normal, he retires to the batcave and complains about Bat-Mite to Ace.... except (of course) it isn't Ace. His feelings now hurt, Bat-Mite transports Batman to an alternate dimension where creatures reminiscent of fifties comics attack!

Commercial, again.

Big fight scene, where Bat-Mite is now determined to make Batman fight for his life. Batman eventually decides that it's pointless to fight, and sits down. Batman then explains to the Imp that he could be Batman.

In sequences ripped from Batman:The Animated Series and the Looney Tunes episode "Duck Tracy" we see a psychodelic melange of villians that we've seen... and a few we haven't (including at least two versions of Catwoman, Two-Face, the Riddler, the 60's TV show version of the Mad Hatter, Kite Man and the Penguin).

Finally, Bat-Mite realizes that he can't be Batman. Batman takes care of the bizarre versions of his foes in quick, comic fashion. Batman then gently discourages the Mite's blind fandom, and is sent home, hoping that he got through to the 5th dimensional fellow.

Well, we think so until Green Arrow is facing Copperhead....


This was almost by definition a "Meta" episode- the writers/producers directly faced and made fun of all the fanboys who've been whining on about Batman:The Brave and the Bold because it wasn't Batman: The Animated Series.

Good For Them! I had fun with this episode- it was full of Easter Bunn...I mean, Eggs.... the "Psycho" Frank Miller version of Batman was priceless, as was the animated Adam West Batman... just cementing the point that there are MANY interpretations of Batman, and this is as valid a vision of the character as any (and more valid than some). The convention scene was priceless, as the "He's not MY Batman" line made me laugh out loud, as did the scribbled response.

I'm very glad they did this episode. This may not be my favorite Batman interpretation, but I really like that the producers/writers 'took up' for themselves in this way.

Go watch it. Good Stuff!