TV Review: Smallville:Stiletto

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(RB 3's right, that does sound rather... village people)

Lois fights off some attackers who steal Chloe's car and Watchtower notebook computer. Her brush with heroism gives her an idea. As she puts it "If you want to cover rock stars, you don't try for your first interview with Springsteen. You have to work your way up".

So she becomes a superhero so she can interview herself.

This is actually a pretty unique spin on the old-as-Superman-himself "Lois becomes a superhero" plot. And her constant whining about the practicality and comfort of the hooker-wear that passes for superheroine togs these days is pretty funny metacommentary.

Interestingly enough, Bruno Mannheim (noted lackey of Darkseid) makes his first appearance as the rather brutal crime boss that Lois and Clark put behind bars. But why in the world would he be using kryptonite laced ink to counterfeit money?

Doomsday was not seen, but Chloe felt his presence.

Lois got her first interview with Supe... I mean, the Red-Blue Blur.

Overall, not a fantastic episode. It had moments, but not much stringing them together.
Chloe's remark that you 'couldn't throw a shoe on a Klieglight and summon Stiletto' was funny, as was Lois' realization that wearing all that leather is NOT stealthy (She creaked like an old wooden rocking chair). She also delivered the line "Can you read my mind?" in her telephone interview with Superm... I mean, the Red-Blue Blur. I'm not sure whether that was a nice touch, or over the top.

Next week-- Doomsday!