TV Review: Smallville:Doomsday

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What in bloody blue blazes was that?
Seriously, was it just me, or was that 2/3 of a good episode, capped off with a great action scene... and then about fifteen minutes that made no sense whatsoever?


Micro-Recap: Cosmic Boy returns from the future to warn Clark that he was about to die... again, and asks Clark to send Doomsday to the future for the Legion to handle (Wow. Good idea! Therefore Clark must reject it). Clark assembles the Justice League (well, Impulse and Black Canary) to help him take down Doomsday. Oliver crashes the meeting, and Clark outs him as Lex's murderer.
Somebody blew out Tess's safe from the inside and the Kandorian(!) orb is missing. She confronts Lois, who insults Tess' lack of referents for her pronouns, so Tess hits Lois with a book. A catfight ensues, with two actors and six stuntwomen (it seems).
[Republibotlet 2.3 believes this to be the pinnacle of good acting: a convincing catfight.]
They wallow around on the ground a bit, and Lois finds the replacement Legion time travel ring of Clark's and poof!

The League finds Chloe and Davis... and immediately shoot Clark in the back with a green kryptonite arrow, because he's so annoying. They leave him out on the street while they attempt to kill Davis. Chloe wakes up, slaps Davis with Black Kryptonite (separating Davis from Doomsday). Doomsday then mows through the JL like tissue paper and escapes.

Jimmy finds Clark and plucks out the glowy green arrow. Jimmy figures out that Clark is some sort of "Super.......guy". Clark acknowledges it, tells Jimmy to give Chloe her wedding present... and leaves in a red-blue blur. He finds the battered JL, and reinstitutes his rather vague plan. Using his super hearing, he finds Doomsday and proceeds to fight him in a really cool fight sequence... catching cars? Check. Punching each other through buildings? Check. Doomsday hitting Clark REALLY HARD with spiky fists? Check! Clark sweeping Doomsday up and plunging him into a huge explosion? Check!

And during the commercial break, the show loses about 75 IQ points.
Jimmy has taken Chloe and Davis to a beautiful apartment- his 'present' to Chloe. He now understands everything, he's on the verge of reconciling with Chloe... and Davis spears the kid. Turns out that Davis' human half isn't much better than the Kryptonian half. Davis turns to attack Chloe, and shish-ka-Jim returns the impaling favor. He then dies in Chloe's arms.

Yes, you read that right. They killed Jimmy Olsen.
At the funeral, the JL is there in civies as is Jimmy's bow-tie wearing little brother. Chloe gives him Jimmy's camera. Dinah (Black Canary) Lance appears to comfort Chloe, while Ollie spies Clark down by the river. Ollie sheds a tear and leaves.

Clark shows up at Chloe's new digs, with no explanation as to how he survived the big ba-da-boom... he's going to give up human emotion, because apparently humanity is bad. Lois is still missing, Jimmy is dead and there's huge chunks of stuff that is unexplained.

In the epilogish sort of thing, the Orb has come back to visit Tess, and then a naked (and I suspect nekkidish) humanoid appears standing on what I believe to be General Zod's symbol, very much like the cover of Rush's 2112 album.

The synopsis is my attempt to make some sense of the plot... which dropped off the face of the earth around the end of the third act.
In the fourth act, the dialog made no sense, didn't jibe with what we'd seen and made me think that someone had accidently assemble-edited the episode out of sequence. It was baffling, redefining non-sequitur for a new generation. Why follow a great action sequence (and a not bad, if nonsensical, catfight) with a badly underwritten final sequence? Heck, if they'd ended with the 'splosion, I'd've been looking forward to next season... now... not so much. Zod? REALLY???? And Kal-El becomes Spock?

Yeesh. I can see a glimmer of hope for next season, as Clark re-re-re discovers his humanity.... but I really want him to become Superman next season.

Oh well.