TV REVIEW: Smallville: Legion

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2009-01-15 21:25:26 -0500 Okay. This is going to be a quick one. Impressive. Geoff Johns, noted comic writer, wrote this episode of Smallville and in doing so, he managed to address Smallville's noted departure from the Superman mythos, throw easter eggs and metacommentary in while maintaining and extending the Smallville universe. RECAP (minor spoilers) While Clark is trying to find clues as to Chloe's whereabouts (she was kidnapped by Doomsday last episode), a criminal from the future (a human supremacist named "Persuader") assaults him. Three mysterious heroes save Clark's bacon, claiming that they're from the future... they are the Legion. END RECAP The action in this episode is great, and the characters of Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad (although they are never referred to by their nom de guerres) are perfectly portrayed. Their disappointment in not seeing Kal- El in his cape, flying, echoes the sentiments of the long-suffering Superman fans who watch Smallville because, well, it's the only Superman show we have right now. There's a touch of meta-commentary here; Lightning Lad comments on the "No Flights, No tights" policy of the show and pretty much calls it out by name. An interesting nod to DC continuity marked by who the Legionnaires DON'T recognize actually plays a pretty significant role in this episode. Johns' writing is noted for taking DC Universe 'canon' - both what's stated and what's NOT stated-and turning it into story elements; he doesn't disappoint here. Most notably, I saw Superman in this episode. It's actually rather rare (and more than a little odd) that you see the man that Clark Kent is to become- but here the inherent nobility of Superman and his ability to make everyone around him better just by being with him is showcased. If (and if it looks like this is happening) there is a ninth (!) season of Smallville, I hope that it looks a lot like this episode. I want to see Superman, fighting for Truth, Justice and the American way... And maybe a Legion spinoff...