TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold:Duel of the Double Crossers

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Lets just jump in, shall we? As always- Spoilers ho!

Teaser: Batman and the Outsiders take on Despero in the streets of Gotham. Although I like Katana as a Japanese Schoolgirl (who wouldn't?), not as crazy about Black Lightning as a kid in a hoodie. Reminds me too much of Static, honestly. The team takes down big, bad and fuschia and a good chunk of Gotham with it...
... so Batman restarts the simulation for the 24th time...

Roll Credits

Scene- what appears to be the old west. A lone gunslinger walks into a saloon, which is populated by Mos Eisley Central casting, wardrobe by Sergio Leone. Our lone gunman turns out to be Jonah Hex (voiced by Phil Morris, excellent interview about this episode HERE), scarred former Confederate officer, now bounty hunter...

... for Mongul? Well, yeah. Mongul took Hex out of time and is using him to gather warriors for War World, where he competes against his sister in gladitorial games. (Mongul has a sister? And gee.... she's a looker, if you like that sort of thing....) Mongul needs one more gladiator for his games---
(wait for it...)
(It IS his show, after all...)
Hex zips off to Earth and snags Batman after a brief fight. Batman and Hex return to Warworld where Batman is immediately thrown into the arena. He has a motley collection of 'allies', who quickly desert him; and a foe that surprised me: Steppenwolf.

(As an aside; this episode was rather interesting, in that it injected quite a few of Darkseid's supporting cast as Mongul's (and Sisty Ugler's)lackeys. Lashina, Stompa, and Steppenwolf oddly fit here nearly as well as they do on Apokolips. Sisty Ugler is a Granny Goodness analog here, and I wonder if the rights to Darkseid are hung up somewhere...)

Batman is having trouble dispatching Steppenwolf, so Jonah Hex (who has just been doublecrossed by Mongul (who himself has been doublecrossed by ol Sisty)), jumps into the arena to give ol' Bats a hand. Steppenwolf had his motor stopped by our heroes. Jonah then guides Batman on a mission to set the prisoners free and escape.

I never said the plots were sophisticated.

On their way, the Female Furies attempt to whip and stomp Batman and Hex. Well, mostly. Lashina finds time to flirt with Jonah before Batman drops her down a hole. Hex makes short work of the Sisty Ugler and turns her into a running joke, that starts to drag rather quickly.

They make their way to the holding cells, which hold all manner of alien species (including Kang?!? Not the Klingon, the Simpsons character!) Mongul arrives, angry. Jonah Hex decides to forgo his trip home for revenge. 'Splosions ensue. Angry prisoners gang up on Mongul, and Jonah decides to stay and watch, sending Batman home. Hex rides off into the sunset, with his passenger (who LIKES whips...).

Stray Thoughts:
This was a fun ep. We're starting to get a good handle on the way the universe works in this series- apparently the minor Kirby characters are fair game, whereas the biggies (Darkseid) are unavailable. This is a Batman-scaled universe, not a Superman scaled one.

This episode was hilarious. The interplay between Batman and Hex was sidesplitting- Hex was an equal (unusual in this show, as Batman is most often a mentor for younger heroes, it seems), and knew it.

It was fun- catch it in the morning, if you can.

Next week- a new episode with more Kirby characters- Mr. Miracle and Big Barda!