TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Deep Cover for Batman!

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"It's like a funhouse mirror.... of Evil"--- Batman

Batman visits a mirror universe after an Owl invades his belfry, and he has to go under cover in a parallel universe to get to the bottom of a not-so-alien invasion. To stop it, he must team with a version of his greatest enemy to defeat the Injustice Syndicate

Some spoilers ahead...

We start without a teaser hero- in fact, Batman is nowhere to be seen. Instead, we see shadowy figures assaulting a figure in Red- the Red Hood. The Red Hood, in the 'normal' universe became the Joker; here even after his disfiguring accident, he remains the Hood. In an effort to get help to bring justice to his world, he seeks help in the parallel universes..... and is foiled by a familiar silhoette- not Batman, but Owlman.

Roll those jazzy opening credits!

Batman meets Owlman as the latter is doing recon for an Injustice Syndicate takeover of Earth 1. They don't talk much- Owlman is every bit as good as Batman. Batman cheats to win the fight, engages in identity theft and begins a bit of espionage on Earth 3 (or whichever Earth the Injustice Syndicate is on in this series). He meets Silver Cyclone ( a Red Tornado analogue), Blue Bowman (Green Arrow), and Scarlet Scarab (Blue Beetle). They, like their dopplegangers, are not idiots and catch on to Batman's disguise.

More higgaldy piggaldy ensues- the unmasked, and oddly serious, Red Hood aids Batman in freeing the heroes of this world (analogues of villians we've seen in the series so far) Batman and the "heroes" defeat the Syndicate, and Batman returns home to find that it's a two parter.

Seeing a 'Good' version of the Joker works as a kind of character study- We've not seen the Joker in this series yet (technically, we still haven't), but this twisted version gives us a glimpse into who he is...

This series is all about character, honestly. It's about who Batman and his friends are. I'll have some more observations about this next week.

My big question- based on the ending of this episode-- how could Batman have so drastically underestimated himself?