Top Gear: Apocalypse

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Oh, no, he's at it again--nattering on about some stupid British car show.  Well, this time it's got an actual science fiction connection, because Top Gear speculated on what motoring might be like in a post-apocalyptic world.

From their bunker full of tinned beans and Spartan furnishings, James May and Richard Hammond perform a series of tongue-very-much-in-cheek experiments on what life might be like for un-dedicated petrolheads after the bombs have turned London into a vacant race track, and there's only one barrel of petroleum left in the world.

Painting their windows black to simulate the darkness of nuclear winter, the boys try to drive to work using only the directions on their sat-nav system.  (It...does not go well...)  In order to keep auto racing interesting when there's only two surviving cars and drivers, they try to have a race while driving each other's cars by radio control, while sitting in the opposing car (and they seem to be having a hell of a lot of fun, too, since they can barely stop giggling...but it, also, does not go well...)

For his last-ever drive on the last gallon of fuel, James chooses a 1964 Mini Cooper, which he drives through an abandoned car park while being chased by three flesh-eating zombies in other Mini Coopers.  Richard uses a road-version Bowler to try to avoid having his picture snapped by papparazzi pursuing him cross-country with helicopters, hovercraft, tanks, and motorbikes.

The boys race an Aston Martin against a Porsche 911, engage in a radio-controlled demolition derby from Hell (imagine Robot Wars with cars equipped with axes, buzz saws, and flame throwers), and generally carry on with the straight-faced sincerity of a science program that got knocked in the head one too many times.

There are tons of sight gags and sly references to the post-apocalyptic genre, and May and Hammond are the perfect guides to help you navigate a world after the bombs have stopped falling.

Even if they run into curbs, cars, and exploding ambulances while doing it.

Here's Part 1: