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- NASA Moon MUSH! In one of their ongoing efforts to turn the nation’s disappointing space program into a theme park, NASA is developing a multi-player online game to simulate trips to the moon I have to say this sounds pretty cool.
- Astronomy Picture of the day!
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- Hey, look! The deleted “Hospital Scene” from Blade Runner are available on Youtube, albeit w/ crappy quality. Here I can see why it wasn’t re-incorperated into either the ’92 or ’07 cuts of the movie: it’s badly acted, and it covers a lot of the same info that the Police Captain gives Deckerd early on in the film, so it’s rather redundant.
- Oh, hey, look here! Larry Niven has put an obscure “Known Space” story online that I’ve never heard of before If you haven’t read Known Space stuff before, it’s probably not the best intro, but if you’re familiar with it, it’s a refreshing little treat.
- Space Tourism Update: Looks like Virgin Galactic is getting closer to those sub-orbital passenger flights. Here’s some info on “Spaceshiptwo”
- Poor Terry Gilliam. It’s like he made a deal w/ the devil in Minnesota at age 8 or something, “Tell ya’ what, TG, I’ll make you the greatest director of your generation, but then I’ll continually do unlikely things behind the scenes that will utterly destroy your projects so you never get a chance to use your talents. Orson Wells and I had the same deal. You in or what?” Evidently, Terry said yes:
- It’s become a standard complaint of people from my generation: They promised me a flying car by 1988, so where the hell is it?
- And finally, - There’s a viral campaign going on for “The Prisoner,” the 60s SF/Spy/Allegory show, which is soon to be revived