THINGS WE'RE (Inexplicably) INTERESTED IN: "The Aquabats Supershow!"

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Superhero team and onetime Ska band, "The Aquabats" have a show starting on The Hub shortly. Preview:

Yeah, they're weird. If you're not already familiar, they began as a 3rd wave SoCal Skaband who's shtick was that they were superheroes.

They've had roughly fifteen years of superheroics and elaborate stage shows and really, really goofy songs. Pretty much I instantly loved them the first moment I heard them. Sadly, over time they ditched the horns, and became merely another Keyboard-based New Wave band. But as there haven't been any of those in twenty years, it's still pretty cool.

Here they are in the Ska days of yore

and here they are in the more recent old wave days

I dunno. Is this one Drive-By Geekery or a Song of the Week?