Tessa Dick could use your help.

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Tessa Dick is a science fiction writer, and the widow of the late great author Philip K. Dick. We interviewed her a few months back (Interview: http://www.republibot.com/content/interview-tessa-dick ) , and she's been a great friend to the site. Lately, it has become apparent that she's fallen on really hard times, and is in a fairly desperate state, and our hearts really go out to her, as well as our prayers. She's a really nice person, or at least that's the impression I've developed in the few months I've known her online.

She hasn't contacted us asking for help or anything like that, and we're certainly not going to ask any of you to give her a handout. She has been, however, a friend to us, and it's sad for us to see the corner she's been backed in to. The economy is really rough on everyone these days, but it's still hard to see someone you like being forced to go through these kinds of things.

Again: We're not asking for anything of a financial nature on her behalf, and she hasn't asked us to, but If any of you, our readers, have a mind to do so, we would ask that you please go by her site, and drop her a line. Any kind of support you could give her - compassionate, emotional, whatever - would probably mean a whole lot to her.

Her webste: http://tessadick.blogspot.com/


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Ways to help Tessa

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Thanks for posting this R3 - it is always a sensitive subject when you know of someone in need and want to rally support, but do not want to cross that line into flat out asking for money for someone we do not know personally.

My suggestion, for what it is worth, is to maybe support her by buying her books. She apparently has a new memoir out about her life with her husband and his last 10 years before his death. It is available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Philip-K-Dick-Remembering-Firebright/dp/1442110279/ (I think that link should work, no idea why Amazon doesn't post permalinks to their product).

Anyway, just a thought,