SONG OF THE WEEK: "Venus: by One Ring Zero (2009)

Republibot 3.0
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Ok, I actually dig this one. I know we're kind of hit-or-miss here on the Song Of The Week, and a lot of the stuff we run isn't stuff I really like, but I really am all about the geek rock ("Republibot 3.0 and the Republibot 3.0 Orchestra featuring Republibot 3.0" - my own band - is unabashedly geek rock). I think it's important to get out there and make absolutely no pretense of being cool, and just dork out publicly. I've always regretted we don't have an accordion in the band, so obviously I'm gonna' like these guys. I mean, hell, they've even got a theremin! How boss is that? (Answer: Pretty Boss) thus, given the choice between running *This* or a bunch of skinny highschool kids jumping around in the woods pretending to play death metal, which one do you think I'm gonna' choose?