SONG OF THE DAY: "The Robot" by The Tornados (1963)

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I've decided to occasionally put up musical things that amuse me and are at least theoretically SF-related, and I'm starting with this one because how could anyone not like it?

"The Tornados" were an english instrumental band in the early-to-mid 60s, and this was actually a charting hit in the pre-Beatles era. The rythm guitarist is actually the father of the lead singer/guitarist for "Muse," and in fact the intro to the Muse song "Knights of Cydonia" is actually an audio hommage to the Tornado's first hit, "Telstar" (1962). This was actually the first British #1 song in the US since World War II!

The video here is an old "Scopitone" reel. "Scopitones" were video jukeboxes from the late 50s/60s that played a short film on a rear-projection screen in time with the music, a different film for each song.