SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION- Republibot Original Fiction

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ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON 9/6/09, but substantially edited for this reprint

Looking back over the last couple years, there's a lot to be proud of here on the 'bot. I have to take a minute to talk about one of our proudest achievements- one that frequently gets overlooked because we quietly roll it out every so often -- our Original Fiction Section. We now have more than twenty bite sized chunks of really pretty good Science Fiction short stories to go through - mostly written by Republibot 3.0, but with contributions by Dr. Charlie Starr and yours truly. We will have a new story that's been contributed by one of our regular readers starting next week. We've also got a complete novel online from internationally published author Chip Haynes.

There's a good variety of subject matter, from apocalyptic contact with liberal alien dogs, to Elvis Presley's true destiny, to the battle behind the scenes in the Christian expansion into Norse territory... and more! Go check it out- I don't know of any other S-F news/reviews/opinion sites that put their money where their mouth is quite the way that we do. Everybody complains about the sorry state of Science Fiction- we're doing something about it.

Go check it out!