Republibot now available on Kindle!

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Exciting news! The Republibot site that you all know and love (c'mon, admit it.  You know you do...) is now available on Kindle! Seriously!    For chump change (only $1.99 per month), you can have Republibot wherever you go!  If your workplace is like mine, and they frown on surfing for entertainment, you can get the latest from the 'Bot on your portable device of choice (iPhone, iPad, Android and, duh, Kindle) in a clear, easy to read format.  And if you switch devices, you will never lose your place.

Amazon is letting you try Republibot on Kindle for free for a fortnight.   You'll get a couple weeks worth of reviews, views and original fiction so you can fall in love with us all over again.    Because that's what we're about. Love and stomping out hippies. (That was a joke, son.  Watch it fizz)