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A few days ago, I published my review of "What if Our World is Their Heaven?" a book about the final heretofore unpublished interview with Phlip K. Dick. You can read my review here if you haven't already. Suffice to say that I gave it a very good review.

Today the charmingly-offensively-named "Total Dick Head" website did a blog entry on it that is well worth checking out, and I'd advise you all to read it here

This is our site's first major mention from any of the other big SF websites that I actually like, so that's a red letter day for us. Unfortunately, it's a primarily critical review of my review, so that tempers my glee a litle bit, but here's the deal: They're right.

I enganged in a bit too much gonzo journalism* and reckless, if romantic, speculation, and I kind of did it without even realizing it. The TDH site totally nails me on it, and having re-read my review, I think Ragle Gumm and his crew are on the money: I screwed up. There's not really any excuse for it - I mean, our site is on friendly terms with PKD's widow for gosh sakes! - I could have just asked her for her opinions before I published it, but it never occured to me to do so. So, to Tessa and anyone else I may possibly have offended with my glib, slightly-manic off-the-cuff comments, I apologize.

There are a couple points that TDH chooses to accentuate that I don't think are entirely germane, but ultimately that's my fault too, because I should have done a better job expressing myself when I wrote the damn thing. If I didn't give the right emphasis in a clear fashion, it's certainly not the fault of the reader if they don't get what I was trying to convey.

So here's what I'm gonna' do:

Firstly, I'd ask all of you who read the book review below to please go check out the blog entry about it over at TDH. They give a very strong explanation of where and why I'm wrong. Secondly, I'm going to give some thought to the error of my ways, and then write up an article in which I address my factual errors and post that on here to give a better impression of PKD.

The amazing thing is that despite taking some severe exceptions with my sloppy-assed journalism, Ragle *still* gives us a guardedly positive review, saying that the article *is* worth reading. The man's a class act all around, and his site really is one of the best PKD websites on line.

So: Thank you again, and I'm sorry.

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*- Gonzo Journalism: When the reporter spends more time talking about himself and his feelings/experiences than the actual subject at hand