REALSPACE: USAF, NRO launch spike and other news.

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The USAF and NRO will have a spike in launch activity for the next 12 to 18 months. A large number of spy, communication and navigation satellites have built up needing launch do to delays from the contractors. The Air Force is concerned that older early warning satellites are nearing the end of their life and that there might be gaps in coverage if there are anymore delays.

I have run across complaints on the web that Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX is a large contributor to the Democratic Party. The complaints could be just sourer grapes from competitors and people that support the Constellation program but here is a list of the contributions from

I somehow doubt that SpaceX contracts and Obama space policy have anything to do with the $34,500 in contributions this is chump change in the world of politics. The USAF has yet to OK the Falcon 9 for launch and it is still on the pad at Cape Canaveral.