REALSPACE: "The Free Frontier" by Bill Whittle, and the "Liberty" rocket.

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I don't normally simply re-post others editorials, but there's really very little to add to this, both glorious and awful at the same time. Special thanks to Jake Was Here for pointing this out to me.

Feel free to comment on this here, or in the forums where we've already been talking about it for a day. Here's the forum link

MEANWHILE, various aerospace companies, still smarting from Obama's unilateral hatred and murder of the manned space program, are pitching a new rocket idea called "Liberty," which is effectively a five-segment Shuttle SRB (Designed for the now-dead Constellation/Ares) with a French Ariane V core as the upper stage.

It's not a bad plan, it's a *VERY* bad plan ("Say, let's take the incredibly dangerous and half-assed Ares "Stick" design, and make it even less aerodynamically stable!") but in the current "We hate science and industry, but we like Love and Specie Currency," it's pretty much a pipe dream. So I'm not losing sleep about it killing astronauts any time soon. Or ever.

Feel free to sound off about that as well.