REALSPACE: First NASA now the Air Force

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Now that the Obama Administration has crippled NASA’s space capabilities it seems the Air Force is next for the axe. In the coming days the President will call for more global cooperation in space. The White House also aims at developing a space weapons treaty.

One of the interesting parts of this plan seems to seek cooperation on national security space missions with the possibility of working with China and Russia. Sighting the cost of the Air Force’s GPS system and delays on replacing aging defense satellites because of costs there is now developing at the White House the idea to share the costs with other nations.

There also seems to be some pressure for the Air Force to choose between the Atlas V and the Delta IV as its preferred launch system. Why we need to limit ourselves to just one launcher is not explained.

It is one thing to privatize NASA but why does Obama want to cut our military capability in space. Is the idea of space so abhorrent to this administration that they would risk national security to destroy any and all US space capability?