REALSPACE: Coppenhagen Suborbitals

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As most of you are aware, I’m basically a ten year old boy in a middle-aged man’s body. Check this out:

Now, if you’re an adult you’re going to view that and say “What the hell? Nothing happened there! Why is he wasting my time with this?” And of course you’d be right. Sad and joyless, but right. (And frankly, ‘right’ generally is the vestige of the sad and joyless anyway, but that’s an article for another day) If, however, you’re a hypertrophied kid like me (Which is also sad, but not joyless) you’ll have noticed a bunch of super-hyper-mega-cool stuff in there like:

1) They’ve got their own rocket
2) They’re launching it at sea
3) They’ve got a submarine!

Really, on the lower left, it’s a sub! Seriously, if you’re a grownup I doubt you’d even notice that…

“Coppenhagen Suborbitals” is a private space company in Denmark funded by basically wealthy n’ere do’ells who basically do stuff because they think it’s cool. They built their own sub, which is the largest privately owned sub in the world. Getting bored with that, they built their own rocket, which is cool. The Danish government refused to give them permission to launch, so they built their own sea launch platform, which is cooler still, and towed it to the launch site using their own private submarine, which is basically a screaming orgasm of cool.

Yeah, the rocket didn’t work, but after all that it almost seems like an afterthought.

Here’s a tour of their sub

And here’s some info about it:
And here’s some info about the organization:
And here’s some details about the rocket:
And here’s some details about what they’re trying to launch with the rocket
And here’s some information about the phrase “N’ere do’ell”