REAL SCIENCE: Ticket To Ride...To Mars

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Time to get your resumes in order, gang: nonprofit organization Mars One has opened up its application process for one-way tickets to the colony they hope to set up on Mars in 2023.

Mind you, it's going to be a permanent gig for whoever they select, so you'd better like the color red and desert views.

They've already received over 78,000 applications from would-be pioneers, and hope to get a half a million applicants before they close the process on August 31. For a small fee, and the submission of a one-minute video explaining why you want to be selected for the project, anyone over age 18 is eligible to try out for the coveted spots on the four-person teams which will begin training in around 2015.

Mars One hopes to defray much of the enormous cost of the project by turning the selection and training process into a--wait for it--reality TV series.

This is one island you will NOT want to be voted off of! It is a lo-o-o-ng walk home!