REAL SCIENCE: "Instant" Pizza, Anyone?

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First they brought us communicators, in the form of flip-top cell phones. Now researchers have set their sights on creating the "replicators" from Star Trek, in the form of 3D printers that can concoct pizzas from shelf-stable powdered ingredient packs.

College kids of the future, you may want to pay attention to this one.

The technology is still in the R&D phase, but the concept is that a machine that can build food from its constituent parts would cut down on wastage (that green fuzzy bowl in the back of the fridge that may have once been cheese...or peas...or maybe chicken?) and allow people to have access to better and more nutritious food.

I'm not quite sure a pizza that's built in sprayed-on layers using reconstituted food powder really qualifies as "better nutrition," but NASA's interested because of the implications for having stuff like this on board future space missions. I hope somebody figures the effects of microgravity into the equation, or "pizza face" won't be simply a schoolyard taunt.

Hey, I guess anything will be better than the "nutrition capsules" that the old SF pulps insisted we'd be eating by now.