That Plane Crash in the Hudson River

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This isn't even remotely Science Fiction, but it is pretty amazing: This is footage of the plane ditching in the river in Manhattan just the other day.

The plane hits the water just about 2:00 in to the clip, but the amazing completely remarkable and heroic part is that a ferryboat gets on the scene in three minutes!

That's three minutes between the time the plane hit the water, and when the first vehicle pulls up to rescue people. AND IT'S NOT EVEN A RESCUE VEHICLE! It's just a ferry! Clearly it's captain - whomever he is - just saw the thing belly in, and immediately swung the wheel hard over to go and help out on his own recognizance, with no official orders to do so.

The next vehicle isn't on the scene for another 3 minutes or so after that, and in winter, in the water, that short ammount of time can make all the difference in the world.

We here at Republibot would like to single out that first ferryboat captain for his uncommonly quick action: Not only was he heroic, he was also humane!

Well done, sir, whomever you are! Thank you!