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First off, I would like to apologize for the lateness of this review. I'm not trying to be a slacker, sometimes it just comes out that way.

You can do a lot in a day. You can take your kids to the park and then out for some yummy ice cream, you can watch all six Star Wars movies in chronological order (I mean 1-6, not in the order they were made) or you can waste that day by sitting through a boring movie rife with anti-capitalist liberal propoganda.

In Time stars Justin Timberlake, better known as the frontman of boy band NSYNC, as Will, a simple man just trying to survive in the ghetto by living day to day. The phrase "day to day" takes on a whole new meaning in the world of this movie, where people stop aging at 25 and from then on have one more year in which to live, a year that is counted down by a glowing Kryptonite green tattoo on your right arm. In this world, time is the coin of the realm and extra time can be won, traded for borrowed or stolen. It can also be lost. Once your clock counts down to zero, you die. If you're killed in an accident or act of violence with time still on your arm, your tattoo goes dark and your clock stops, leaving all your time lost. One day Will saves a man who has over a century on his arm from a bunch of gangsters called the Minutemen. The man explains that he is over a hundred years old and that he's lived longer than he has wanted to. While Will is sleeping, the man gives Will all but five minutes of his 116 years and sneaks off to die in peace.

Will wakes up with over a century on his arm, suddenly rich, and plans to use that money to give his mother (who looks 25 but is really 50) the life she deserves but has always been denied her. Tragedy stikes and Will's plans change. He is going to use his time to take revenge on the rich people who have more time than they can ever use, and who got that time on the backs of people from the Ghetto, like Will and his mother. Will's quest for revenge takes him into high society and then on a career of bank robbery, being chased by a government agency known as the Timekeepers.

Ok, In Time is basically the movie for the Occupy Wall Street movement. It had a decently ok plot, even if it was pretty much stolen from Logan's Run, and it was shot and acted very well. The problem comes from it being just a rant on how capitalism and rich people are bad, and by being WAY overly preachy about it. According to this movie, everyone with time is evil and everyone without time is a victim. In fact, the gangsters are almost made to be more sympathetic than the business man who happens to have eons of time built up. It is never explained how the eonaire got all of his time, the audience is just left to assume he got it underhandedly. On the reverse, we KNOW the Minutemen are evil and steal from people, but they are played as people just trying to survive in the ghetto. The whole social commentary of the film is a mess.

Another problem I had with the movie, other than its completely ignorant rant on capitalism, was that they don't explain anything. How do the tattoos work? How do time transfers (which take the form of a handshake) work? How long as the world been this way? What year is it? None of these questions have answers, you're just expected to believe that's the way it is because that's just the way it is. It's lazy storytelling, if you ask me.

I didn't completely hate In Time. If you can ignore the political one-sidedness of the thing, and if you can look past the fact the all the things that don't make any damn sense at all are never explained, it's an ok psychological thriller. Even without its shortcomings, it isn't great, but it is watchable. If you can ignore its shortcomings.

Will Conservatives Like This Movie?

Really?! I went through that whole rant and you're still gonna ask me that question?! I'll just say this, go in informed and tread carefully. In Time is as wacko left as Atlas Shrugged is wacko right.