MOVIE REVIEW: Men in Black 3

Wil Avitt
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It's been ten years since our last outing, but you wouldn't know it. As soon as the opening logos appeared on the screen, the fact that the last time I saw the Men in Black on the big screen I was in transition from college freshman to college sophomore and now it was a wife and three kids later never entered my mind. Almost the entire gang made it out for this one, minus Rip Torn whose character, Zed, is buried in the first ten minutes. But the burning question you're all asking is, was it any good?

Men in Black 3 tells the story of an extremely ugly alien (par for the MiB course) who escapes from LunarMax, a maximum security penal facility on the Moon. He was sent there by K (Tommy Lee Jones), who also took his arm. Of course, he wants revenge on K, but he also wants his arm back, which brings us to the time travel plot. Boris the Animal goes back to 1969 to kill K before he loses his arm and is followed by Agent J (Will Smith).

I loved it. First of all, Josh Brolin turns in an uncanny performance as a young K. So uncanny, in fact, that a buddy of mine swore up and down that Tommy Lee Jones dubbed the performance (he didn't). The plot is a bit silly, but it's Men in Black. It isn't meant to be deep storytelling. It's funny, it's exciting and it's everything you want out of a Men in Black movie. It even surpasses the second MiB, which I never thought was bad to begin with. But for anyone who thinks they dropped the ball on #2, #3 offers a very high possibility of redemption.