MOVIE REVIEW: "District 9"

Bleeding Heart


“Thou shalt not stand by idly by the blood of they neighbor (Leviticus 19:16).” The movie “District 9” asks that question. But truly who is your neighbor? The movie is filmed in a documentary style series of interviews that takes place in 2010. An alien ship is moving towards the Earth and arrives in Johannesburg, South Africa. There is no contact for three months, and we take the initiative and cut open the ship. We discover a race of insect-like aliens who are malnourished and sick. The creatures are called “prawns” and are considered a derogatory reference, and they are housed in government camps, which are slums that eventually become District 9 through overcrowding and militarizing. The aliens are given names like Chris Johnson, and although people learn to communicate with them, humans expect them to understand us.

The only known name in this movie is Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”) where he is a producer. The other names include 1st time director and writer Neill Blomkamp. The lead is Wikus Van Der Merwe, played by Sharlto Copley.

Wikus plays the lead agent of Multi-National United that is in charge of relocating the “prawns”. Wikus has no sympathy for the aliens until a dark liquid squirts in his face and becomes very sick. One goes through stages of sympathy for Wikus and internal rage as he struggles with what he knows, what he has learned, what he was taught, and his own selfishness.

This movie is more than just aliens. It is a commentary about society and its biasness to things that are not like us. You can replace the aliens with any other minority. You watch uncomfortably as the aliens slowly disintegrate into creatures who no longer remember why they were taken into this planet in the first place. Many humans feel no sympathy for these aliens, and the ones who do are seen in a bad light. Some of the segues between screens seem forced and drawn out, and the dialogue seems pedantic, but the message can not be missed.

Republicans will not like this movie.

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