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Hey, everyone. Shameless self-promotion time:

As you know, I used to run this site, and I retired going on two years ago. About 15 months back, I started my own site, "Kevin Long (Dot) Com." It's located (rather cleverly) at

It's a pretty good site. It's smaller than Republibot, and it's less agenda-driven. It's things I find interesting, which may or may not be science fiction related. I also put up my original fiction there, new stories, and links to my books for sale.

Believe it or not, I'm actually a well-reviewed author. No, seriously! I'm as surprised as you are. My Smashwords page is here Should you feel the need to take a chance and throw three bucks my way in exchange for one of my books, I would be extremely grateful. If you prefer Amazon, those links are on the bottom of this page.

I've also got an interesting service where I write stories-to-order for people. You want a story, you pay me a nominal fee, and I'll write it for you in a short period of time. That's kind of a snazzy service that I don't think anyone else is doing. You can check out the details on that here:

Not to appear too desparate, but I love to write, but I love to be read even more. If you could check out my work in any capacity, my family and I would be really appreciative.

Here's the Amazon links to my books:
Ice Cream and Venom:

The Undead At War (And Other Stories):

It's Not Rocket Science: