Links, baby! Links! (Including Stargate and Galactica and Macross odds and ends)

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• This year Starship Modeler's annual contest was all about Battlestar Galactica, and there's a bunch of super-sweet models, both kits and scratchbuilds online here:
• The new-model Cylon Base Ship:
• An old-school Viper in the bay:
• A Raptor parked on an asteroid:
• An original design - a kind of AWACS oldschool viper:
• Another original design - a hypothetical Viper-of-the-future design, built some point after they find earth:
• A standard Mark 7 viper from the new show:
• The Gemini Freighter from both the old and new shows:
• Here's the new Galactica:
• And the Battlestar Valkyrie, which we only saw once on the show in a flashback:
• and the Battlestar Pegasus, which, you'll notice, looks a LOT more like the original 1978 Galactica than the new Galactica does:
• and a new-school Cylon Raider with a gay, made-up paintjob:

• Unrelated to any of that fictional hoo-hah, this website has an interesting run-down on the space programs and space agencies of pretty much every country in the world. It’s interesting, if a bit amateurish.

• This incomprehensible page here is NASA asking for average folks like you to tell them what you’d like the space program to do. Seems that after 37 years of doing nothing, they’ve lost touch with their original mandate, and would like to know what we think they should be up to. “We’ve tried nothing, and we’re all out of ideas!” Really. Just scroll down to the “Give us your opinions” section.
• “How to Survive an Alien Attack” special thanks to Iceman for pointing this one out to me.
• Radar Men From The Moon! Well, actually Radar maps *of* the moon. Just the same:
• Yes! Yes, yes, yes, emphatically a thousand times, yes! If you don't know already, a third "Macross" series came out to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Macross anime! This is the third full “Macross” series, not counting miniseries, OVA specials, movies, and assorted fitlededits. It’s called “Macross Frontier!” Here’s the first episode and here’s the official website for the one of you out there who can read Japanese. and here’s a (very) little something for the rest of us It's a great series, not as intentionally aggressively goofy as “Macross 7” was, not quite as brooding as “Macross Zero,” It's pretty amazingly good, actually, in many ways better than the original! Really!
• This is pretty cool, “The World-Wide Telescope” - See what you can accomplish once you get Bill Gates out of Microsoft? Thanks to DailyRead for the link.
• Will “GOB” Arnett talks a little bit about the potential “Arrested Development” Movie that may-or-may-not be in the works here
• How the hell is “Family Guy” still on the air? And how the hell does it rate a spinoff? (Special thanks to Iceman for pointing this out to me)
• Is it just me, or does this sound like the coolest first-person shooter game of all time? ok, granted, the reviews are kind of negative, but the concept is neatly horrifying and the trailers are pretty schwee too (Though I find it hard to believe the Nazis would take the time to make a fairly major structural modification to the statue of liberty DURING an invasion)
• Well, to say this was unexpected is one hell of an understatement: Anne Rice is toying with the idea of writing a novel called “Angel Time,” an unexpected return to her ‘Vampire’ novel series that she publicly renounced about 5 years ago. The plot apparently concerns the vampire Lestat becoming a Christian! Go here to find out more the comments are on the left hand side of the page. Is this brilliant, or did she just see “Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat” (Starring Bruce Campbell!) one time too many? Who can tell…
• Ronald D. Moore and David Eick discuss the legal system of Battlestar Galactica in detail in this interview w/ actual lawyer journalist scum. Kinda’ fascinating. Special thanks to DailyRead for pointing this one out to me. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SEASON 3 AS THERE ARE SPOILERS A-PLENTY!
• Now, I never claimed to be Mr. Knowledgeable about comics, I don’t have a lot of really amazingly informed opinions about the genre aside from the fact that I dig the format and the art, but generally avoid it because I dislike superhero stories as a rule. That said, if you’re not really into the scene, and you wonder why “The Kids” (Whoever they are) seem to frequently be more excited about Manga comics from Japan than they are about traditional American fare, you really don’t need to look much further than this for an explanation: What you’ve got here is a comparison between the 1977 Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars (Which sucked out loud) and the 2007 japanese adaptation of *the same scenes*. Granted, the industry now isn’t what it was like 30 years ago, the art is much better, the stories are more flexible, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, so I admit this isn’t an entirely fair comparison, however just look at how much more fun the Japanese are having w/ the same scenes than Howard Chaykin (And his successors) did w/ the same material.
• Whoa, baby! Actual pictures of an avalanche on mars, taken *while* it’s happening!
• I’m actually rather pleasantly surprised by this listing I mean, Star Wars is undeservedly high, but I can tolerate that. Sure, there are some amazingly lowbrow films on here (X-Files Fight the future? Star Trek: First Contact? Independence Day? Hey, guys, 1950 called, they’d like their plot back) and as we all know, “Jedi” was just mephitic sh!t, but on the whole, I’m pretty happy with this list, even if it is a bit conservative and mainstream. And if you’ve *got* to put a star wars film as #1 on the list, at least they picked the best one. But, hey, the fact that # 25 made the list at all makes me happy. HEY! Know what? Let’s do an unscientific survey: you send me the titles of your top 10 favorite SF films of all time, and I’ll rank ‘em and include ‘em in the next “Bored Househusband” dealie.
• Is it just me, or is all this sc!entology bullsh!t remarkably like a bad 1950s science fiction novel? (Perhaps not at all remarkable as it was founded by a 1950s SF author-cum-con man) Here’s a timeline of what they believe to be ‘historical events’. It reads remarkably like the first part of a Star Trek or Space: 1999 chronology Whacky.
• To everyone out there who whiled away years of their lives playing this game – and to Bad News Hughes in particular – I’m so sorry:
• So who would Alex P. Keaton have voted for in ’08? Assuming he were real, of course? (This whole article is worth it for the last two lines)
• Because I know you always wondered what the opening credits of that movie would look like if the movie was made in 1957, that’s why!
• I also know you’ve always wondered what World War II would be like if it was reenacted by ethnic foods, which is why I’m showing you this Actually, it’s not as funny as it sounds, but there’s lots of shots of exploding meat, and that’s always a good thing, right?
• Slurm! “It’s Highly Addictive!” Not only that, but now it may even be real!
• Well, this is it, the human race is no longer worth saving I give up. Even the glories of exploding meat can’t justify the staggering “WTF?” stupidity of this film project
• ...on the other hand, everything that’s good and pure about America is embedded in this clip, assuming the guy is actually American, but he kind of has to be, doesn’t he?
• I have some concerns with the way they’re depicting the characters from “Watchmen,” here’s a picture of “Silk Spectre” from “Watchmen” Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, I feel that The Comedian here looks simultaneously a bit too Tim Burton and also a bit too Gene-Simmons-By-Way-Of-The-Live-Action-Version-of-The-Tick. Finally, speaking of Tim Burton – Is this supposed to be Nite Owl, or “Batman?” Geez. This one really annoys me. as for Rorschach, they nailed it but really haven’t we all seen a lot of really really good Rorschachs at science fiction conventions over the last 23 years? It’s not that hard.
• So the good news is that there’s a 3rd Stargate:SG1 movie in the works, and the even-better news is it’ll be a Jack O’Neil story. The bad new is that Vala Mal Doran won’t be in it. WTF?
• Now that Stargate: Atlantis is done, Gateworld has a nice invertew with Marting Gero here, where he talks at some length about the McKay/Keller romance that most people seemed to hate (Fat chicks, mostly) and here he gives us a little info about the upcoming “Stargate Universe” also, in this interview David “Rodney McKay” Hewett fesses up that he found the romance thing a little awkward
• Anyone who really likes the Stargate shows probably is already aware of this, but if you’re not, here’s MGM’s page for the new “Universe” show



"Gateworld has a nice

"Gateworld has a nice invertew with Marting Gero here, where he talks at some length about the McKay/Keller romance that most people seemed to hate (Fat chicks, mostly)."

Why do so many people hate it?

And what do you mena by "Fat chicks, mostly"?