It's 2AM, I've Got A Cold And Can't Sleep, So Here's Your Links For The Day

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• The greatest Science Fiction Series of all time, “The Prisoner,” is now available online – the entire miniseries (17 episodes) is free. Time to throw out those moldy old copies you taped off of PBS thirty years ago, and thank your wife for keeping you from buying those horribly overpriced A&E DVDs of the show. Check it out here:
• Joss Whedon talks about his troubled “Dollhouse” project. (In fact I’m only calling it ‘troubled’ because it’s a Whedon show and it’s on Fox, which invariably means it’ll get cancelled in 13 episodes or less) and why he re-shot the pilot here
• “Everything is just a few hundred clicks away” (Yes, this is a joke)
• The short version is that the “Shazam!” movie is dead (Probably no great loss), but the long version is the fascinating story of how it ended up not getting made. People frequently beef about “Why doesn’t Hollywood make better movies?” Well, mainly because when people try to write better movies, Hollywood pulls stunts like this
• It looks like the movie based on the “Jonah Hex” comic book about a deformed, undead Confederate soldier, is now officially a “Troubled Project.” And not because it’s in any way connected to Joss Whedon or Fox, it’s just in really bad shape
• The economy is even hurting Richie Rich
• Unexpected comeback kid Mickey Roark might be playing Ivan/Whiplash in Iron Man II: Armed and Fabulous. Man, they’re running a whole eighties-washup rehabilitation program over there at Marvel, aren’t they? Good for them!
• Not a link or anything, but Jason Momoa just had his second kid with his girlfriend, The Artist Formerly Known As Lisa Bonet. (Curiously, she legally changed her name to “Lilakoi Moon” in the mid-90s, but continues to use “Lisa Bonet” as a stage name. Whacky!) Their probably-extremely-attractive son (They’re both supernaturally attractive people) is named Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Jason Momoa himself is half-Hawaiian, so there’s probably some traditional meaning to the name. Congratulations to the both of them! Momoa has played Ronon Dex on Stargate: Atlantis for the last four years, and Lisa Bonet has a recurring part in the maybe-it’s-science-fiction/maybe-it’s-not series, “Life on Mars.”
• That Global Warming thing that everyone’s talking about? Done. Over. Ended last week. Now the world is cooling Note to Mr. Gore: A warmer world is moderately inconvenient, but it’s basically a good thing. A colder world is an unmitigated disaster for everyone. Warmer world: People get frizzy hair and move; colder world: Billions die.
• God Bless Shirley Bassey and God Bless Yello. I never even knew there was a video to this song! Ok, admittedly it’s not a very good video, but the song, man, the song!
• You know, Spiderman III wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone said, but I still agree the movie could have used a bit of work:
• Ok, we all know that “Garfield” is a pathetic, sad, stupid, entirely un-funny cliché of the daily comics, a kind of perennial awfulness pervading our daily lives for three decades now. Well, it turns out that if you simply *remove* Garfield and his comments from the strip, the thing is frakkin’ hilarious! Really! Check this out:
• You know all those flying-car Jetsons futures we were promised, but never got? This site chronicles some great art from those optimistic days of future past. Feeling nostalgic for tomorrows that never happened? You know I am! Just go here:
• “As the actress said to the bishop: ‘I’m not human and I don’t care.’” It seems that after Paul McGann, and before Christopher Eccleston, the BBC tried to re-launch Dr. Who as an online flash cartoon, and if the audience was there to support it, they’d hoped this would position them to come back as a live action tv show. The audience wasn’t there, and for frankly good reasons. That said, this link contains a complete Dr. Who story that I’m sure most of us have never heard of before, and an interesting look at “The 9th Doctor Who Almost Was, But Then Wasn’t,” even if he doesn’t quite work, and he’s nowhere near as good as Eccleston. There’s a number of fair one-liners (“I don’t care, I only come to this planet for the wine and the total eclipses” “Keep an eye on it for a moment, I’m just popping out for a moment to do something eccentric.”), the idea of teaming the Doctor up w/ The Master as a permanent sidekick/companion is actually pretty kickass, and I love, love, love that massive spiral staircase in the Tardis. and if you’re the kind of person who’s interested in such things, here’s some more info about it
• Because once upon a time, there was a little show called “Viva Variety”, and a sketch called “Baby is the Bagpipes,” and that’s all you really need to know
• What the hell kind of world are we living in where Yoko Ono has lots of money and Lene Lovitch is, I dunno, working as a hostess in an IHOP somewhere?
• How the hell can I never have heard of this before? How the hell wasn’t this a hit? How the hell can I have been friends with a crazed Duranite for 20 years, and never have stumbled across this? It’s a shame, it would have cured me of my desire to punch Simon LeBon repeatedly in the throat.
• Not that anyone gives a damn, but my absolute favorite new show is “Top Gear” on BBC America. I saw my first episode tonight and I say without hyperbole that that one hour was funnier than an entire season of “Mythbusters,” and nothing even blew up! Turns out that I’m a bit late coming to the party on this one, though The specific one I saw was primarily a “How hard can it be?” episode.